3 Reasons Why Clients Won’t Hire Your Freelance Work

Tips - 29 October 2019, By johnnyblack

The most difficult thing in freelance work is to find potential clients. If you’re a freelancer, you would understand the frustration of spending time to introduce yourself and feeling that it might lead you to landing a project, to find that the work has gone to someone else. If these situations keep happening to you, it will not end well with your freelance business that you build so hard while working from home. Maybe you make these big mistakes and see if you can improve them.

Maybe These Are Why

1. You Have No Reputation

In the world full of competition, you need to stand out from everybody else, it’s especially important for freelancers. Avoid being lost among others by building a personal brand online. Your clients should be easy to find your profile and see for themselves your trustworthiness and legitimacy based on your online reputation. Besides, it would be nice if they can see your previous clients’ reviews for your work. So make sure to make a professional website and profiles even if you’re working from home.

2. You Have No Portfolio

Clients want to see the sample of your work before putting their money. They want to know what type of final products they’re going to get and see if you deliver the quality that they wanted. Without a portfolio, they can’t do all that. So, you should prioritize having a portfolio filled with your previous works. If you’re new and don’t have a previous work yet, then create some sample works that you can show the client.

3. You’re either Too Pushy or Not Pushy Enough

While working from home, you have a reputation and a great portfolio and yet still getting rejected, maybe you do this crucial mistake. You do an introduction, send a proposal then forget about it. Your client has things on their mind, if you don’t follow up with them after two or three days after you send a proposal, probably they fail to recall your email, even if they’re interested in what you offer. By reminding them about your email, it’s shown that you’re interested in working with them.

Another is if you’re too pushy with your marketing. People don’t like to be constantly bombarded by your persistent emails. You just appear as annoying peasant to them. Instead, do a follow up two to three days and ask them if they received your email yet, or whether they have questions or concerns about your proposal. After three or more days, ask again if they’re interested to work on a project with you. That’s a more professional way of conducting business while working from home.

As a freelancer, your marketing is as much of a work as you doing your actual work. It’s all about how you can sell yourself to make people want to hire you. Establish a professional online reputation with additional organized portfolio will get you somewhere. But also pay attention to how you offer your work to potential clients. Helpfully, you can avoid being rejected again!

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