4 Apps to Help You Manage Your Time While Working From Home

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Working as a freelancer needs a serious time management. If you’re one, you will know how bad things can get if you’re all over the place. Time tracking apps can be one of the solutions to help you manage your time so you can meet your deadlines on time. Here’s some of the best tracking apps that are designed to help you organized and focused. Install one of them on your device soy ou can be a productive freelancer, even if you’re working from home.

Best Time-Management Apps

1. TopTracker

top trackers
top trackers

The best time-tracking app for freelancers would be TopTracker. This isn’t just for some empty claim. TopTracker is designed specifically with freelancers in mind. It’s a totally free app you can download on OS X and Windows. You can use time-tracking tools, timers, screenshots, but also additional functionality such as total control on deciding how often things get tracked and adding options like tracking written task description. This able you to control over things that being track and how often it tracks.

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2. Due Time Tracking

Due Time Tracking

If you’re working from home, one of the most underrated time-tracking apps you can use is this. Due time give you a simple time-tracking operation. You simply start a timer before you work. You can use this app to generate invoices based on the hourly rates that you charge. Organizing your clients’ information would be easy too since you can insert their information such as name, address, hourly rates, and also track different currencies. Due Time Tracking will help you be more mindful of your time and organize in your work.

3. Harvest

Harvest Apps

Harvest is another app that you should look into. It allows you to track multiple projects at the same time, even if they’re completely different from each other. You can put what kind of task each project has and the rate that you want to charge. If the freelance business that you’re working from home is in collaboration with other freelancers, Harvest will have a function that allows you to assign various tasks to each member. It cost about $49/month for basic function and $99/month if you want to use it for business

4. Calendar

Calendar Apps

As a freelancer, you can use this app as a way to track your time, manage your schedule on appointment, meetings. It can be downloaded in both desktop and mobile for iOS and Android. This will allow you to set your appointment on multiple devices that you have and easily be synced. Calendar can help you as your virtual assistance while working from home. Get a Calendar for free to download, or you can have $10 for more premium feature. You’d never have to miss any important meeting ever again!

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Using an app would help you to control your time. We all know freelancers often spending their time recklessly because no boss is screaming in their faces. You can choose between those 4 apps on this list as your virtual boss asking for your deadline and you’d be good to go. All of them would essentially help you to manage your time better and help you accountable in how you organized your work.

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