Bad Habits to Avoid When Building Your Freelance Business

Starting A Freelance, Tips - 22 October 2019, By johnnyblack

It’s been months that you launch your own business yet you still see no progress at all. You’ve done whatever you could possibly do to make chances your business and still no result from it ever happen. Maybe it’s time to check on your own personal life and see if you can make improvement in that aspect because as a freelancer, you are your business. So maybe if you better your personal life, you can see growth too in your business while working from home too.

Bad Habits You Should Shake

It’s no use to have a great business but don’t know how to manage it. Start by managing your own personal life, and then evaluate your business side, because both of them is correlating with each other. The more you’re able to get hold on your life, the more you can control your business as well. Try to avoid these 3 habits will take you far in your business. Don’t forget that change doesn’t happen in a flash, all of that need time to happen. So enjoy your journey as well!

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1. You Drink Too Much Coffee

Too Much Coffee

Most freelancers are always on the coffee rush, trying to stay up and finish as much work as possible. They don’t realize that forcing their body to work constantly only make their mind get tired easily, which in the end they can’t concentrate on a project that they’re working from home at all. Having a good night sleep is really important to help with your productivity. Being on top condition helps you concentrate well on your work. If you can, eight hours of sleep is what ideal.

2. You Have No Idea How to Do Finance

No Idea How to Do Finance

When your personal financial is in chaos, your business side is probably facing the same fate. Unless you hire someone to handle your finance, which most freelancers working from home aren’t, you should find a solution to control your expenses. Taking online courses on how to handle your money or even watch Youtube videos would help you. If you can get hold on your personal account, you’re automatically will see some improvement in your business life as well.

3. You Never Get Off of Your Desk

Never Get Off of Your Desk

There is so much abuse happen on freelancers’ body. The most notorious one would be exercise that you do or lack thereof.  You spend so much time sitting on the desk to ingrain with your work especially if you’re only working from home. Lack of exercise will reduce your physical and mental stamina. Doing some exercise helps pump your blood to the brain which could help you think of many new ideas. It doesn’t help that you would look a lot better too if you move your body.

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Once again, evaluating your personal life in order can help you figure out your problems. Maybe it’s what holding you back from having a successful business.  Try to avoid your bad habits keep happening, by figuring out your problems and start eliminating them. If your personal life is improving, your business side will be better as well.

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