Best Websites to Find Work If You’re Working from Home

Starting A Freelance - 30 October 2019, By johnnyblack

More and more people have realized how amazing freelance works are. Every day, people choose to quit their regular office jobs and chose to be working from home instead. Yet, not a lot actually know where to find clients to market themselves. If that is you, then you can start looking from places online websites to offer your services. Here’re a few you that may land your lucky jobs on.

Sites You Should Visit

Having a great skill on something would mean nothing if you don’t know how to market yourself. Nobody would know about your services and no money would come to your bank account. If diving into marketing is a bit much for you right now, find jobs through online websites such as what is listed below. You can try all of these popular sites and see for yourself which one that actually will make money.

1. Fiverr


If you’re working from home, one of the most popular sites that you can look into is Fiverr. In here, you can offer your services on anything. From things such as copywriting, photography, to things, like teaching school subjects. People will find you from your profile and list of services that you offer. If they are interested in what you do, they will contact you through Fiverr and do business transaction there. It’s super simple to set up and can be easily profitable.

2. The Toptal


This site is for those of you that are already a master and talented on what you do. A seasoned freelancer may find best work offers here. You can get better money in here than other sides typically since you need to pass the Toptal screening process before you’re even able to offer your services. On Toptal, there are many frequent meet-ups and tech events among the forums; you can get more links and connections through there. So, even by working from home, you can have a sense of community between the members.

3. Upwork


There are over 1.5 million clients available on Upwork, looking for someone to do their work for them. You can offer many services that you master on, no matter what. Depends on the job that you take, you can get paid hourly or by project commission. One major downside of Upwork is that if you are a beginner, you can find a hard time biding on a job since most businesses choose to work with someone that has expert-level engagements on the site. 

4. Craigslist


You probably are familiar with the site already if you have ever sell or buy things from Craigslist. But the platform can offer you more than just buying your secondhand sofa, it’s actually a really good place to find some freelance jobs there. Browse for either local offering if you want some office jobs, but if you like working from home then search into major cities for job offers that allow you to work remotely.

While deciding on putting yourself in a position to work from home and not an office, you may find yourself confused as to where to start to look into clients that are interested in your services. You can start looking into websites that allow you to find jobs that you are interested in or even people would hire you based on your profile and skills you put out. Check out those websites above and land your lucky jobs!

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