High Paying Freelance Jobs That Earn More than Your Average 9 To 5

Job Idea - 8 October 2019, By johnnyblack
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Running a business from home used to be a side job that many people do to earn extra cash. This is not the case anymore in 2019. People now have a real profitable business that they can do from home. Not only because of the convenience factor of less time spent to and from a workplace but because the high paying freelance jobs that even can surprise their normal 9 to 5 jobs.

You Can Do This High Paying Jobs Too

There was a stigma being put to people that are working as a freelancer. Most of them work from home, so people used to think that they earn little to nothing money, just enough to get by. But recently, people choose to work from home. This is because many realize that there are more opportunities to earn more than average income from a freelance job than to have a promotion on a normal 9 to 5 jobs.

1. Blogger


So many people take advantages of running a blog, it is fairly inexpensive and easy to start. You can write about a topic and niche that you like. If you have enough exposure and many people go to your site than you can start generating money through many avenues such as affiliate links, sponsor posts, or even being a writer guest for other people’s websites. That is why a successful blogger is one of the high paying freelance jobs that you can do.

2. Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

One of the most sought out services that people need nowadays is a graphic designer. Many businesses require someone to design their logos, website or even make ads for their marketing. If you have the skills for it and quite good at it, you can earn more than $45,000 annually. You will live a comfortable lifestyle with that sum.

3. Copywriter


Being a copywriter is one of the high paying freelance jobs that you can have in 2019. Your job is to write a copy for businesses which you can do from home. If you land yourself a big project that generates successful advertising, you can earn a comfortable income of up to six figures. Most people can even see their efforts getting paid the first month that they start, earning an income similar to the one that they usually get compare to normal jobs.

4. Consultant


If you have expertise on a subject, you can try to work from home as a consultant. Your knowledge will benefit people that needed your advice. This line of work includes people that work as an accountant, lawyers, consulting business, or anything, really. You can get a high income from doing this, earning more than six figures is possible. Consulting fee is really expensive, so being one is considered as one of the high paying freelance jobs available now.

Working as a freelancer in 2019 Is not so uncommon. Many have chosen to be one because of how much it actually pays to work on your own. If you are good at what you do, you can even earn more than the average payment of regular normal jobs. Try one of those jobs listed above if you have the skill, and prove it on your own.

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