How to Manage Your Time as a Freelancer

Tips - 9 October 2019, By johnnyblack
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As beautiful as it is with the idea of working from the confine of your own home, the same reason also what makes working from home often as not as effective. The possibility of you getting distracted is higher than if you work from an office. You can train yourself to be more discipline by time management. Here are some tips if you want to manage your time as a freelancer that works from home.

Rules to Successfully Working from Home

if you want to work from home, you need to have some ground rules to make it happens. Because working from home doesn’t have the same environment as in an office, where an office it’s actually designed to increase productivity for its workers. You can follow some of these tips to make you more productive so you can reach your goals faster!

1. Please Wake Up Early

Wake Up Early

“No way! Nope. I work from home so I can wake up late!” Yes, I know. But here’s thing. There is a reason why wake up earlier makes you more productive. You need to manage your time as a freelancer. Most successful people like Steve Jobs had said that he would get much done of his work earlier in the day. This is because our human brain is the most attentive and focused in the morning. There are still little to nothing of on your mind.

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Besides, there are a lot less distraction happening during early hours. Many people are still asleep, so your family members that might diverse your attention would not be much problem if you wake up early. If you want to be even more productive, you can tackle the hardest task of your day in the morning, so you don’t worry to do it for the rest of your day. You can be more relaxed after that.

2. Get Those Daily Goals

Set your Daily Goals

What makes the difference between successful people and the average Joe is that they know what they need to do every day. They plan their day so their time is not wasted by doing unimportant things. You can adopt this too into your daily routine. Set at least three tasks that you feel are needed to be done today as a way to manage your time as a freelancer, that will bring you closer to your goals. Plan it to fit them into the rest of your schedule.

These tasks should be a breakdown of your weekly, monthly and your yearly goals and resolution. Just think about it, how come you can reach all of those accomplishments if you don’t do them? It can be overwhelming if you want to save, for example, $10,000 by the end of the year. By breaking them down into daily tasks, you only need to save $25 every day. it looks easier to do now instead of the big picture.

3. No Procrastination!

No Procrastination

Procrastination is the worst enemy, the devil itself, for a freelancer. If you don’t manage your time as a freelancer, this is what brings you all down. It can make your level of productivity to nada, nil, zero, which will be collated with your bank account. Nada, money’s there to see! You would not want that to happen to you. To avoid that you can use what people called, “The 60 Second Rule.”

The rule said that if you are too lazy to do something but you know you need to do it, you have to do the said task right away within 60 seconds after you think about it. The small momentum of window time frame will give you no time to talk yourself out of it, thus forcing you to do it even if you don’t like it. This rule works best on things like getting yourself out of bed, calling a client that you hate, or making yourself take a shower! We all know, people that work from home often neglect taking a shower!

4. Stop That Bad Habits

Stop the Bad Habits

You need to understand that following a bad habit that may harmful to your productivity, especially if you were working from home. Because the distraction and temptation of it will be in a much bigger exposure compare to regular office where you can get embarrassed from your coworkers! If you want to manage your time as a freelancer, you need to break old bad habits that you have.

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It is also worth to mention that habits can make up out of 45% of human behavior. Our daily routine and things that we do are all driven by our habitual tendencies. You best start implementing some good habits that you want to have, like waking up early, drinking more water, finishing you work under the deadline, or sleeping. Like seriously, you work from home! Take some time to sleep.

5. Take a Break, Will You

Take a Break

Freelance workers especially that work from home often have difficulties separating their working hours and their break time. But it is really important to manage your time as a freelancer and that you need to take time off work. This means taking a small break between your works, though like stretching yourself to relax your muscles, eat some snacks or even go to the bathroom to have a walk away from the computer screen.

A real break to go travel somewhere needs to be on your list too. Set a time off to stop stressing out about work once in a while. At least one week off every six months would be necessary. It has been proven that taking a break from your work will reduce your stress level and increase your productivity. It’s also recharging your brain so you have much inspiration that you can bring to improve your business.

Working from home as a freelancer needs some serious discipline for anyone that wants to have success on it. You need to be responsible with your time. You can do those tips above to help you manage your time. Take the best approach to start from now. You can do this! Help yourself and follow those rules so you can get your success immediately!

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