Job Ideas for Mom to Earn Extra Cash from Home

Job Idea - 8 October 2019, By johnnyblack

As a mom, we want to be in every step of our child lives. That is mostly the reason why many mothers choose to quit their work to be a stay at home mom. But in a one-income household, there is going to be a hard time, money-wise. Many moms now take preventative action to have a side job that they can do from home to earn extra cash from home.

Here Are Some Freelance Work That You Can Do

Most women decided to quit their 9 to 5 jobs after knowing that they are expecting. It seems that they priority shift from a career-oriented to be more family-oriented one. Though, it can be hard for most women to adjust a new role of being a mom. It doesn’t help either that the money that coming through your door is notably less than before. You can try these job ideas to make it up.

1. Online Tutor

Online Tutor

If you have an understanding of a subject, whatever it is, you can teach from home through virtual tutoring. You can monetize your knowledge and earn extra cash from home by teaching courses through many online platforms that are widely available now. Tutoring would not require you to have teaching certification unlike teaching at formal school. You can teach regular school subjects or even things such as crocheting, how to make sustainable soap, anything really. Someone less knowledgeable than you will benefit from your courses.

2. Freelance Writer

Freelance Writer

This seems to be the one that most moms favor. Many jobs can be interpreted as a freelance writer. You know, everything in the form of a written word that generates money, if you make it, then, you can qualify yourself as a freelance writer. Things like bloggers, copywriters, content writers, or even if you write caption on Instagram. It can be one of your job ideas to earn extra cash from home. Many people even make their freelance job as their main income.

3.  Craft Seller

Craft Seller

This will be a world of opportunity for crafty mom! You can sell something that you already have a passion for, and make it into a business. Running a craft store online would be a perfect business because you can make extra cash as well as having an excuse to hoard your craft and art supplies. You are happy you can practice and improve your skills, your customers will be happy too with a lovely creation created with love!

4. Social Media Influencer

Social Media Influencer

You should consider this line of work too. Being a social media influencer will get you much exposure that will eventually lead to many brands that want to work with you. Though, before you make this to be your main job ideas to earn extra cash from home, you have to understand that being an influencer is a really competitive industry, so you may not make it. 

Being a mother to your child is the main priority, but it will not be bad if you can fit a side job into your time. Being a freelancer has a flexible timeframe, so you can work it out around your child’s schedule. You are your own boss, choose the time that fit yourself. After all, who wants to say no to extra money?

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