Need Help On Your Home-Based Business? Everything You Need To Know Before Hiring a Freelancer

Starting A Freelance, Tips - 21 October 2019, By johnnyblack

The reality of starting your own solo business is often time you feel overwhelmed. At some point of growth, you’re going to need someone to help you. But, money is still tight on your business so hiring an in-house employee is not an option. Look into giving your workload to freelancers. By doing this, you can get help with cheaper price unlike hiring a full-time employee. Better yet, you can still do all that while working from home alone! No employee roaming around distracting you!

Things to Determine

1. How to Look for Someone You Can Hire


Looking for freelancers to hire is relatively easy now. Many websites are available for this reason. You can start on Upwork and Fiverr to get a lower price freelance worker. Though, they’re maybe not the most expert at what they do. If you want to go to a website that specified as a freelance marketplace, then go to Toptal, Elance and oDesk. They offer a much more professional freelancer for steeper price. Or ask other business owners on some referral s of freelancers they recommend so you can stay working from home.

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2. How to Set the Right Pricing

Best Price

Freelance workers come from all over the world. Each of them set different pricing, even for the same project. Some even will bid such a steal price on your post. But don’t be too tempted. Evaluate how much you should pay on the return that you can get. You will be best if you hire someone that has a higher rate but is infested with your business and really try to make a better for it, rather than someone that charge less than others but do a just enough job. So, hire someone that can do a proper job for you while you’re working from home.

3. How to Pick the Right People

Choose Right People

Nobody can guarantee that the one that you choose would do a good job. It’s all different for everyone. You won’t know for sure, just like hiring a full-time employee. The good thing about working with freelancers give you the ability to cut them off if their result is not up to your expectation. So, when hiring someone new, give them a small project that they can do in a short time. Then assess whether or not you think that person is qualified to handle a bigger project. While working from home and building a business, have a patient is important.

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Hiring the right person to help you that work as your expectation would need some time. There will be many trials and errors, and a lot of disappointment if you choose the wrong person. Maybe, the advice above can get you on the path on hiring freelancers that not only do a good job but also hold the same value as you. It will be so much better to have someone that you’re get along with working in a long time project with you.

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