Where Can I Get A Client? 4 Things to Market Yourself While Working from Home

Starting A Freelance, Tips - 13 November 2019, By johnnyblack

Having a great product or business will be for nothing if you don’t know how to market it. What is it for if you don’t have a market that you can promote your product on and make a transaction with? Therefore, not only you have to be good at what you do, marketing yourself would be a must skill that you need to have. Especially if you are a freelancer that is working from home that is trying to start your own business. Here’re a few tricks that you can learn.

Marketing That You Can Do To Promote Yourself

1. Cold Emailing

The most effective piece of advice on marketing yourself is by doing cold emailing. This process will require you to send personalized email to each potential client that may need your service. The result of your personalized email will gain a lot of transaction to your business, though you need to put so much time into doing it every day. If you send at least 20 emails a day, then you will get about 3% returns. It can provide you with solid loyal clients that always needing your service.

2. Ask for Reviews

Running a business, while working from home, is tricky. You should take advantage of your former and current customers and ask them to give you some referrals for your service. If they are a satisfied customer, then they would be happy to give you good and encouraging words to pass on to other people. You can put it on your business profile too so a potential customer that finds you will have more trust in you.

3. Social Media Ads

With how rapidly growing social media use nowadays, you will have a big chunk of people that you can use as your target market. Between million users on Facebook and Instagram, you will likely find someone that will be interested in your services. However, it costs money unlike those two tips above, so you need to have a budget set for your marketing alone. The return of your money may or may not be worth it because the traction gained of your profile of your working from home business doesn’t always generate sales.

4. Mouth-to-mouth Marketing

Go back to the old trick of marketing. Mouth-to-mouth marketing is still an effective thing to do, even in this era of the internet. Informing your service to your friends and family member and ask them to spread the word, will make the most effective form of marketing. You can also ask your previous clients too to recommend your services to their social circles so you can get a lot more exposure for your working from home business.

If you’re getting started on your freelance business, then taking a measurement to learn how to market yourself is really important. Take the steps of market yourself with those 4 marketing techniques will help you to get your footing. Helpfully, after doing that, you can gain loyal customers that always in need of your services.

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