Working from Home? 8 Ways to Create Workspace That Boost Your Productivity Level

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working at home

One of the things that make people stay away from doing their work at home is that the quality of their workspace. Chances are that your desk at home doesn’t create the same environment that you’d have in an office. It’s really important to feel comfortable in your work area so your creativity can flow, thus increasing your productivity level. If you’re working from home, improve the quality of your space with these 9 tips.

Comfy Place for Crazy Productivity

Creating a setting that will support your work is super important. Productivity level is highly related to the environment that you work on. If your workspace can create a comfortable vibe that can boost your mood and help you to work better, then getting to your goal would be a much easier thing to do. These are few tips that you can follow to improve the condition of your place.

1. Securing Your Comfort Level

Comfly Place for productifity

Obviously, the most important thing about working from home is the quality of your office furniture. Choosing the right chair and desk that could support you comfortably is the first thing that you need to change.  It would be a place that you spend most time on. When you look into buying furniture for your office, make sure that the tall of your chair and desk would be on your ideal height. Especially your desk, most chairs are adjustable while desk often is not. The right height will make you work in a better posture then if you don’t.

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2. Get the Best Quality Tolls You Need

Quality Tools

While on the topic of buying the right furniture, then you need to also make sure that you purchase the most available quality tools that you can afford. You should spend money to invest in things that supporting your work. For example, if you are a graphic designer, then having a good quality computer would be beneficial for you. Same as people that work on art, putting much money to invest in quality tools like brushes, will also improve the quality of art that you produce.

3. Make Sure That It Is Well-Lit

Good Lighting

Working from home in an office room should have good lighting. Ideally, natural light is one that you should go for. Sunlight is going to boost your mood and make you feel refresh compare to having dark and gloomy surroundings. This may not be always possible, your place might not have a big window that can let a sun lights up your space, or you may be more productive when you were working at night. Then, having a good lighting install is really important for you to have. A well-lit room will help you to concentrate better.

4. Pay Attention to Your Air Condition

Good Air Condition

This will be related to the temperature of your workspace. It is important to have a comfortable temperature that is ideal for whatever degree you like. Having a too hog or a too cold environment would take your concentration away. Making it just the right temperature wouldn’t worry you as much. Also, be mindful of your airflow. You need to have good ventilation on your This is to prevent your place to have too much humidity and moisture. Airflow would help the cycle of your air better.

5. Jazz It Up With Inspiration

Cozy Room

If you choose to be working from home, you can choose the kind of decoration that suits you the best. It really goes back to the style that you like. You’re maybe someone that prefers to work in front of a blank wall so you’d have nothing to distract you. Or you’re maybe a person that loves to look at inspirational quotes or pictures that keep your creativity flowing. The main purpose should be that your place brings a sense of cozy and inviting, while still being functional and effective.

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Most people put an inspiration board on their wall filled with pictures and quotes. Some even put their goals written on a piece of paper. If you feel down and unmotivated, you can do the same thing and look into your goals so you can be reminded of the reasons why you need to work hard. This can be one way to boost your productivity level by keep being reminded by your future accomplishment.

6. Please Keep It Clean

Clean Desk

Nobody can work productively in the middle of chaos. In a situation where you need something that you need but it is gone between the disarray of your desk, then it can render the ability for you to get your work done. To prevent that from happening, organizing your place should be on your priority list. Working from home would not feel clutter anymore after that. This tip isn’t applied only on your desk area, but you should implement it too on your computer file. A well-organized filing would make it easier for you to work.

7. Get Those Tangled Up Wires Under Control


Wires can get out of control pretty quickly. Sometimes looking at those cables will keep your mind occupy with how messy they can look. You can lessen the amount of your worry by getting them under control. A simple solution would be to tie them up in an organized manner with a zip tie. It is relatively easy to do. Or you can completely hide it by running them inside a plastic PVC pipe and put it behind your working area. This can conceal them from your eyesight, especially if you paint the pipe the same color as your wall.

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8. Have a Designated Break Room

Break Room

You may think that a break room is not important, but you need to have a rest even when you’re working from home. Step away for a while from your desk and work area to relax your mind somewhere else. This is can be easily created since you’re already at the confines of your home. You can set your designated break area to be your living room or kitchen table for you to have a snack or simply have a little chat with your family member. But don’t use your bedroom, the temptation to just lay down and forget your work would be too hard to resist.

The situation of your working area has a huge relation with how much achievement and goals that you can accomplish, thus, making sure that you have a designated place that supporting your work would be ideal. Incorporating those 8 tips above in your office space would make your workspace becomes more efficient, drives your productivity level up, which in turn would help you to achieve what you want easier.

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